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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I draw art I guess, mainly fan art though I do do some original art. I also tend to hold contests and raffles on occasion or something. Feel free to watch me or whatever. I can come off as an ass, especially in the forums but I like to think I'm an overall nice person. And yes, I do appreciate feedback criticism so feel free to leave some. Seriously, please do! Also feel free to start up a conversation if you like!



You may have noticed I'm uploading less than usual. Truth is, I have a second DA account I've been working on. It's nothing raunchy or disgusting and I'm not going to abandon this account but that's what I'm currently working on. I won't tell you what it is because it embarrasses me. Okay you beat it out of me, it's an account where I use bases. I just like using them, trying to think of poses is HARD. And I'm lazy. Plus they're just fun to use. So now you know my secret, I must kill you. Seriously though, if you're into ponies made with bases hit me up here: JitterBases

I will upload stuff here eventually. I actually got a few sketches I need to get around to finishing. Also is it sad, but I get more views on my god damn base account then this one. Like this: 
A snail would be a better Princess of Friendship! by JitterBases

Fuck you Jitterbases. Also, anyone who has ever been to Dollarama notice how their shit is changing? Used to be off-brand toys and stuff now they get a lot of quality shit but they sell it for $3.50-4.00. Used to be $2.00 max but now all the good shit is nearly four dollars. Fuck you dollarama, I'd go to The Dollar Tree but it's not within walking distance. Also why are there Skylanders and Disney Infinity figurines at the Dollar Store but not amiibos. Fuck you!
  • Listening to: Ramona By Night Beds
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That aggravating moment when your alt account you made for shits and giggles gets more views on uploads than your main. FML
I haven't posted here in forever but I need to vent about my wtf situation. I came home from Walmart and I discovered mysterious brown stains on my curtains. I know they weren't there yesterday. The only other person in the house was my brother and I highly doubt he came into my room and puked on my curtains and lied about it. WTF is this shit? I think it's puke but my bro thinks it might be paint. There is no holes in my ceilings from leaks so where did it come from? I also know I didn't spill anything.


If I die because some random person came into my house and puked on my curtains and is hiding, know that my only regret is that I didn't pay for two-day shipping on my new hats. 
Somegirl or something
Some finished sketch. Turned out way different then the initial sketch. 
Yes. I know there is at least someone I already owe art too but I can't even remember who those people are anymore and it's been six months. I'm only taking on two as I'm quite busy. If I promised you art before, sorry. I am willing to do it but you'd have to tell me. Likely you'll take precedence. Right, humanoids or ponies only. By the way, if I promised you art and I didn't do it, check my gallery before asking again. I sometimes do art but I forget to note the requester [Search request in my scraps and it should turn it up.]

Blah, blah, I reserve the right to pick and choose, don't get butthurt, I really am sorry for not following through with previous requests [Mind you these are requests and not trades so they're done at my leisure, I don't owe you shit. Still sorry but pointing it out.] Will probably take at most a month.
  • Listening to: We Didn't Start The Flame War
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  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Morrowind
  • Eating: Bagel
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